WordPress Website Care Plans


Like a seedling planted in a brand new pot on the patio, at the time it’s launched, your website is gorgeous, healthy and full of promise.

But like the seedling, if you forget about your website and leave it to its own devices, it would hardly be surprising if you came back to find it floundering or completely withered and gone.

You will have invested a lot more time and money into your website than you will a seedling and a pot, so it makes sense to commit to a regular care plan, to ensure that your initial investment is protected.

Continued access to premium software

I try to use as much free software as possible to build websites, but some of the important bits have no free equivalent, so I use paid products for the theme/page builder, contact form and others. These products get regular updates from the manufacturer (sometimes weekly) to deal with security issues, changes to the WordPress core and compatibility issues with other important plugins.

I have subscriptions for these products which cover all the sites I create and maintain, but if clients choose not to have their site maintained with me, then they will obviously not get updates on those products after the 30 day website warranty period expires. Part of the value of the maintenance service is receiving updates on the paid software, at a fraction of the price.

Continued support, no matter how you choose to manage your site

If you’d like to learn how to care for your site each week/month, I’m happy to schedule a paid training session with you, to get you on your way.

If this is outside the scope of what you have the time or expertise for, one of our WordPress Care Plans could be the perfect solution for you.

All technical support or updates for websites NOT on one of our Website Care Plans will be charged at our standard rate with a one-hour minimum.

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