Thinking of starting a new venture, but not sure how you’ll find clients? Been trading for a while, but want to up your game? Trying to create the content for a new website, but confused about what to say?

You’re not alone.

Most of the clients who come to me to have a website built, have no idea what it should look or sound like or how it could feature in their overall marketing plan.

They know that they’re supposed to have one and are hoping they’ll find someone who will have all the answers. They often find the online world overwhelming and confusing and imagine that effective marketing is something that only other people get the hang of.

Other clients I meet are well along their entrepreneurial journey, clear about their brand identity, unique selling proposition and market niche (yes, even sole traders and freelancers need these things) but need a sounding board to put the things in place, that will get them to where they want to be.

If you’re bobbing around on the business pond, not sure which direction to take your little boat in, then you’ve come to the right place.

In addition to web design and SEO copywriting services for clients here in Perth and around Australia, I offer consulting packages for soloists and small business owners at various stages of their business journey.


The kinds of things we can talk about


  • Identifying your target market and understanding what that means for your marketing and business generally.
  • Settling on an effective tagline or business name.
  • Identifying key/ high-value services.
  • Identifying your unique selling proposition.
  • Clarifying your niche.
  • Identifying the key motivators of your niche market.
  • Working out your elevator pitch.
  • Appropriate marketing channels for your niche/budget.
  • Exploring mechanisms for securing repeat business.
  • Considering how technology could remove barriers to purchase or automate otherwise time-consuming processes.
  • Accounting/cash flow issues that could be addressed through various mechanisms within the customer journey.
  • Google keywords – the basics of getting found online.
  • The correlation between your pricing and marketing messages.

Not sure what you need?

If you’re not sure what you need to talk about that’s okay too. Let me know where you’re up to or why you’re looking for help, and I’ll guide you in the right direction and take it from there.

How to book

If you think my services could be of use to you, contact me by email with the details of where you’re up to in your business journey.

If I think I can help you and add value, we’ll book a time to meet/talk.

What’s with the written summary?

You’ll find that at our meeting, we’ll cover an enormous amount of ground and you’ll leave with your head spinning (in a good way). A summary of my recommendations and an action plan/priority list, will help you proceed in a positive and effective way.

“As a small business owner trying to navigate everything at once, it is confusing who to trust to help you. Finding Sandy Taylor to assist me develop my website has been a god send. She is genuine, and great at putting things in layman’s terms so that I can understand and contribute to what I consider the very complex world of technology. I would definitely highly recommend Sandy to anyone considering getting help with their website and online presence.” Rebecca deRooy

Owner, Everest Design

“Sandy is great to work with in that she is very generous with her ideas and time. She is interested and engaged, and is emotionally involved with her clients.

On the whole she is very professional, supportive and I have found her to be a key business ally.
Mark Slater

Owner, MS Architecture

“One of Sandy’s talents is to crystallise marketing strategy. I found her a wonderful sounding board, helping to sift through my ideas to work out which were good and which were not.” Derek Bracken

Owner, Vantage Point Drones

“Sandy was engaged by Ledgia, a licensed public accounting practice, to create a summary of business services in a way that would capture the attention of potential clients. Sandy commenced the assignment with a general discussion with us about our business, and from this she got to understand our vision quickly. Sandy was able to draw-out the key elements that we wanted to capture in the brief and articulate the strengths that would differentiate our business. We were very pleased with the engagement approach and outcome. This was a very worthwhile exercise for Ledgia. Thank you.” Stephen Herlihy

Director, Ledgia

Want to get the ball rolling?

If you’ve been looking for someone to help you get clear on how you’re going to achieve your small business goals, stop procrastinating and take action.

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