Copywriting Perth
Copywriter Perth
Is writing, the most fun you can have with your clothes on?

If writing’s not your thing, why not find a reliable copywriter whose thing it is?

A copywriter asks lots of questions until they understand exactly what you want to achieve. They will write your content in a style appropriate for your industry using language that will appeal to your audience.

The process of briefing a copywriter has added advantages. When you’re very close to a project, the details often seem obvious to you, but an objective outsider will look at the project as a reader would, ensuring that important information isn’t left out.

Copywriters work alongside graphic and web designers by providing them with effective, targeted written content, to build their design on.
Although I’m based in Perth, I offer stand-alone copywriting services PLUS copywriting/copyediting as part of document & web design projects to clients all over Australia.

What customers have to say:

Project: Sales copy, promotional brochure.

“Loved the work. Very prompt and responsive. Highly recommended “

  • Web copy
  • Slogans & taglines
  • Wording for brochures & signs
  • Text for adverts & promotions
  • Product descriptions
  • Memes
  • Social media posts
  • Letters to prospective clients
  • Company information for tenders & awards
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Equestrian Specialist

How it works
If you think that your business could benefit from a bit of copywriting luuuurve, give me a call for a no-obligation chat and I’ll send through a no-obligation fixed price quote. If you accept that, you email me back with a big thumbs up and I send you an invoice for a 50% deposit.
Once that’s paid, a creative brief will arrive in your inbox for you to complete and return to me. The info in the creative brief will give me what I need to get cracking and get a first draft off to you. Once you’re happy with the final result, I send you an invoice for the balance and the job is done.
What it’ll cost

That depends on what you need done. I can’t tell you what any particular job will cost until I know more about it, but I can provide you with an obligation-free quote and a hand-on-heart promise not to send you a million automated follow up emails until you either relent or take out a restraining order against me.


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